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Rolais' Caribbean Baking Co' is an online Caribbean -inspired gourmet  donut shop creating dairy free, vegan and nut free donuts. The company was founded by me, Toi, Chef of Donuts. I take Caribbean flavors and influences and spin them to elevate the humble donut to an exciting, delightful and delicious treat. The company  is named after a Haitian friend who exposed me to the Caribbean culture. I hope to bring smiles to everyone who experiences  Rolais' Caribbean Baking Co. donuts.

the Donuts

All of our donuts are made from scratch. The dough is delicious. We'd like to say its one of those fancy named dough types  ( sourdough, brioche , challah ect) , but it's just yummy dough. We've spent months perfecting our  dough so that you will be filled with joy .  All styles are cooked to perfection in quality canola oil. We also have gluten free options!